Summary of the Process



Process Summary

  • Complete the Researcher Information Form (prior to submission of a letter of intent for research grants)
  • NARCOMS will contact the researcher to discuss the project
    • Review the project aims with the researcher
    • Determine whether NARCOMS data would be helpful or project feasibility
  • The project will be reviewed by the NARCOMS team. Comments/revisions may be requested.
  • The review process generally takes about 3-4 weeks. 
After Approval
  • Documentation of IRB approval is required.
  • The necessary agreements (i.e. contract) will be reviewed and signed.
  • Prepare a time line for the project.
  • Work with the NARCOMS team to prepare all printed or online material (e.g. letters, survey instruments, protocols, etc.)
  • Publication Review of manuscripts by NARCOMS is required for appropriate citations and use of data.

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