In the Fall 2012 Survey that will be released in October, we will be asking you to update some questions you answered when you enrolled in NARCOMS. We update these questions every few years for the following reasons:


Your answer may have changed

The answer choices may have changed


You will see two questions asking you to identify your race and ethnicity. The choices have been expanded to reflect the changes in society and in research. You can select all choices that apply to you. Answering these questions will help us determine if there are differences in the types of MS and changes in the disease over time for different races and ethnicities. You will be asked:


Whether you are of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin, and if so, where you are from

To select race or races that apply to you from 14 categories, or tell us another race that may not be on the list



There are two questions about children, childbirth, and pregnancy. We are asking you to update these questions, as your answers many have changed. You will be asked:


For Men and Women: Do you have children? If you do, how many biological children and how many adopted or stepchildren do you have?

For Women only: Have you ever been pregnant or given birth? If you have, then some information about how many pregnancies and births.


The role of hormones is an area of research in MS, and there may be differences in how women who have and have not been pregnant experience the disease.




If at anytime during the survey, you need help,
please feel free to ask for assistance or clarification
by calling 1-800-253-7884 (toll-free US) or emailing

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