Updates To NARCOMS 


   Spring 2017 Update


The Spring 2017 Update will take place in April as usual. In addition to the standard set of questions, this time the survey will ask a few questions about how you use the internet to find health-related information. It will also briefly focus on telehealth, or using technology to deliver health care, health information or health education at a distance.  Telehealth is a topic that has a lot of interest from both patients and healthcare providers and your views would be very important on these matters.



     Finding Health-Related Information


The internet has created new possibilities for health communication and the options continue to grow. There are an increasing variety of ways to find information and interact with your health care providers electronically. In this survey, we are interested in tools you have used to exchange medical information with health care providers. Also, we want to know your level of interest in communicating with your health care provider electronically for different types of medical information.




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