These questions are not a test and it’s not about how well you score. Some of the questions may not have “correct” answers.  Here are some things to keep in mind while answering the questions:

Section A: You will be asked to look at a list of words that may or may not be real words.  Simply place an “X” next to the words you think are real words.

Section B: This section will focus on how you use the internet to obtain health information.  It is ok if you do not use the internet, simply check the box indicating this and skip to the next section.  Please as honest as you can about using the internet to obtain health information.  Many doctors and clinics now use the internet as a resource for patients, and it will be useful to know how NARCOMS participants in world’s largest MS registry use the internet for health information.

Section C: You will be looking at an example of a nutritional label, similar to those found on almost every pre-packaged food item you buy and answer a few questions about what is on the label.


    With these questions, we hope to capture how various people use medical information, and to improve how such information is presented to you and others with MS in the future. We understand that new sections add to the time it takes to complete the survey and we thank you for taking the time to complete these new questions.

If at anytime during the survey, you need help,
please feel free to ask for assistance or clarification
by calling 1-800-253-7884 (toll-free US) or emailing

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