NARCOMS started in the 1990s with almost 9,000 participants by the end of that decade.  While there have been some organizational changes, enrollment has grown every year.  With over 35,000 participants enrolled in NARCOMS by 2010 and surveys completed by almost 10,000 active participants every Spring and Fall, you have provided a great deal of information about MS and persons living with MS. 

Participants by Location: 

Most of our participants lived in the US when they enrolled (about 95%) with over 400 enrolled living in Canada, 60 in England and 34 down under in Australia.   Within the US, the highest state enrollment is for California, closely followed by New York.  We even have about 50 enrollees from Hawaii and over 60 in Alaska! (Click here for US Participant map)




     Not surprisingly, almost ¾ of the participants are Female and 90% identify themselves as White/ Caucasian, though 2% are of Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity.

     On average, participants are 38 years old at enrollment.




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