These clinical trials are designed to study issues in well-being with multiple sclerosis.


Lakeshore Examination of Activity and Disability Exercise Response Study (LEADERS)


Purpose:  This study will examine the effectiveness of group exercise classes on the health and functional status in inactive adults with neurological conditions including MS: Movement to Music, Adapted Yoga, or a home-based exercise intervention of either Movement to Music or Adapted Yoga.

Study Outcomes:  Cardiorespiratory fitness, pain and fatigue, loneliness, limb and grip strength, balance, body measurements, physical function with mobility aids, anxiety, depression, and sleep function. 

Eligibility:  Age 18 to 65, with a diagnosis of MS and/or stroke; able to use arms or legs for exercise; ambulatory or use manual wheelchair.

Sponsor:  Lakeshore Foundation and the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Contact:  Casey Herman, MS, (205) 403-5504;; Hui-Ju Young, PhD, (205) 403-5521;

More information at, NCT025338822:

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Dietary Approaches to Treat Multiple Sclerosis–Related Fatigue Study


Purpose:  This study will compare the effect of the Swank Diet (low saturated fat) and the Wahls Elimination Diet (modified paleo) on fatigue levels in individuals with RRMS. Participants will follow their usual diet for 12 weeks and then be randomly assigned to follow one of the two diets for 24 weeks (36 week total on study).

Study Outcomes:  Change in fatigue severity scale as measured in four-week intervals. Study activities include fasting blood draws, weighed food records, motor and cognitive testing, physical activity assessment, questionnaires, and daily diet checklists while following the study diet.

Eligibility: Age 18 to 70, with a diagnosis of RRMS.  The study requires four visits to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa. Fatigue as documented by a fatigue severity scale score of greater than or equal to 4. Some reimbursement available.

Sponsor:  University of Iowa and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Contact:  Catherine Chenard, MS, RD, LD, (319) 384-5053; Michaella Fowler, BS, (319) 384-5002,

More information at, NCT02914964:

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Pilot Study for Multiple Sclerosis


Purpose: This small study of 30 total participants, hopes to show dietary trials can be successful and provide data for larger trails. Participants are randomly assigned to the dietary or the non-intervention group. The diet is rich in foods that are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (particularly omega-3 fatty acids), antioxidant vitamins such fruitsvegetables, whole grains, and excludes meat other than fish, dairy, refined sugars, and limits salt. The non-intervention group will be invited to attend regular meetings with a focus on wellness in MS At the end of the study the non-intervention group will have the opportunity to receive all of the materials used during the study should they wish to begin the diet.

Eligibility: Females, Age 18-65, diagnosis of CIS or MS, not on DMT or on the same DMT for at least 3 months, willing to adhere to the diet over 6 months.

Study Outcomes:  Adherence to the diet will be assessed through the use of dietary questionnaires as well as through biological specimen analysis. Participants will also provided important feedback about the trial for future research.

Sponsor: Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, NY

Contact:  Elise Digga, (212) 241-6854;, NCT 02986893: