Just like clockwork, it’s spring once again. Welcome back to NARCOMS Now— this issue marks the fifth anniversary of our magazine’s first issue, in Spring 2012. So many research advances in understanding and treating multiple sclerosis (MS) have come about in the past five years. We are proud to have been a part of those advances based on the information you so graciously share with us in our surveys. Thank you for taking part in our Spring Survey, ongoing now. 


      With this five-year anniversary comes a shift for the NARCOMS Registry in the location of our coordinating center, database, and staff. We outline this change in “Messenger.”  Please remember you can always contact us with any questions at our toll-free number,  1-800-253-7884, or by email, MSRegistry@narcoms.org.


      On our inside front cover we celebrate NARCOMS Now cover art since the magazine started, when you picked the name! This edition of the magazine tackles the important issue of wellness when living with MS or supporting someone who has this chronic illness. Wellness can span a broad range of topics, but we focus on exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being (see “Feature Focus”).


      “MS Reflections” reviews some NARCOMS research about wellness. We are excited that this area is the focus of more research now, and that this will lead to better recommendations for people living with MS.


      “MS News” reports on some research advances related to the diagnosis and treatment of MS, including the use of stem-cell transplants to induce long-term remission of MS. “MS Apps & Blogs” touches on blogs and websites describing resources for MS in mental health and wellness.  As we welcome spring, we thank you again for completing our Spring Survey. We are grateful for your continued participation in NARCOMS.


       Don’t forget to send us your own MS stories for our “Faces of NARCOMS” feature in each issue. 





                   Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie
                   Managing Director, NARCOMS