Hello All,

     It is with great excitement that I welcome you to our new publication, NARCOMS NOW. In the last year we have set many goals for NARCOMS, one of these goals is in your hand (or on your computer screen) right now – a magazine for you, our NARCOMS participant.

     We deeply value your contribution to our research effort, and want to provide this magazine as a small “thank you” for your participation.

NARCOMS NOW will include:

 - summaries of recent research surveys,

 - publications & presentations using NARCOMS data,  

 - an introduction to upcoming surveys

 - a news section for MS news from around the world

     We want you to feel more connected to what we learn through NARCOMS. We hope you will find this magazine valuable, and so invite your comments and feedback to help make it better. In fact, you already contributed to naming it: from over 500 names submitted, NARCOMS NOW won the final vote

    Finally, I want to thank each of you for participating in NARCOMS. It is only through your generous gift of filling out each of our surveys that NARCOMS can be the powerful research tool that it is today. We know the surveys can be tedious sometimes, and the questions occasionally odd or deeply personal. But your data on these surveys is the cornerstone from which all of our research arises. Without you, we can’t do anything.

     We hope you will continue to join with us as we work to achieve our NARCOMS Mission to improve clinical care and quality of life for persons with multiple sclerosis and their families through increased knowledge about MS.